Why Is Feedback Important for Your Business?

Good Feedback Is the Key to Improvement

If you run a business, then you understand how a customer’s opinion can be a vital piece of information for professional growth and improvement. Authentic feedback from customers has been shown to help guide decision-making processes and reveal tweaks that can improve products or services. Ultimately, you should strive to turn any customer into a satisfied customer, as they are the glue that holds your business together for the journey ahead.

So, what should you do if you’re not hearing from unhappy customers or just customers, in general? It’s time to implement a system where you can collect and respond to a lot of valuable information in one easy step. According to a recent study by a U.K.-based company, 43 percent of participants said they don’t complain or leave feedback because they don’t believe the business cares. In addition, 81 percent said they would be willing to leave feedback if they knew they’d get a fast response.

What Are Some Ways You Can Receive Authentic Feedback?

Surveys are a great way to get fast and accurate feedback from your customers; plus, they’re easy to create and easy to analyze. When you avoid loaded questions and only ask ones that fulfill your goals, you’ll be able to measure satisfaction and dissatisfaction that will help your business grow as you build personal relationships with customers.

Email campaigns
Sending an email campaign is another great way to gather customer information and feedback. First, figure out what your main goal is before sending one. Do you want to raise awareness and ask questions about your products or services, or improve customer retention? When you know, create one or two relevant questions that ask which feature they like the most, what they struggle with, or why they signed up to your business. The simple addition to the end of your email could be, “Thank you, we’ll get back to you ASAP!”

Feedback boxes
Another structured process for receiving feedback from your customers is the feedback box. At the bottom of your business’s website, create a feedback box where customers can quickly write suggestions, ideas or concerns that will better help you. What is great about this feature is that it’s available as soon as a customer needs it, and out of the way when they don’t.

Direct outreach
Most times, the best way to get an authentic response from a customer is to ask for one. If you want to understand somebody and their concerns on a more personal level, you must talk to them directly, either in person, over the phone or during an event or tradeshow. It shows that you care enough to reach out and strike up a conversation, which is an act that is becoming increasingly rare. 

How Can You Use Feedback to Make Changes That Will Benefit Your Business?
Once you’ve collected customer feedback, the next step is to address the specific issues using that information. While feedback tends to vary from technical problems to concerns about pricing packages, it can be game-changing suggestions for the long term. As a user, you can use HealingRadiusPro to solicit feedback after customers visit your wellness studio, fitness center and so forth, as well as suggesting to leave reviews on your HRPRO page.

After you define and implement plans for customer-driven change, make sure to thank them for their feedback by sending detailed follow-ups. As I mentioned earlier, customers would give input if they know businesses care, if they know they may be driving change and if they’d get a fast response. The more you can get customers to participate, the more your business will grow.

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