The Importance of Responding to Reviews, Especially the Bad Ones


Why Is Feedback Important?
Satisfied customers are considered the glue that holds businesses together, but what about unhappy customers? What purpose do they serve? Believe it or not, the not-so-happy ones are a valuable asset to your business: They provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate effective customer service. If you calmly and professionally respond to feedback, especially the bad reviews, unhappy customers will in turn respect you and value your business, more so than the ones who have been satisfied all along.

Let’s view the customer’s perspective. Personally, I have made many decisions with the assistance of online reviews and ratings. In fact, customer feedback has saved me from several bad haircuts, guided me toward quality fitness studios in my neighborhood and helped me select top rated vacation spots.

The fact of the matter is your business won’t please everyone, and there will be times that customers will not return, but that’s OK. It’s part of the process. However, there are some things you should do, or shouldn’t do, that will help retain current customers and bring in new ones.


Do apologize

When you receive negative feedback from a customer, the first step you should do is apologize, even if you disagree with their argument. A simple and friendly “I’m sorry you had a bad experience,” along with a response to let them know you will try to make it right, will go a long way. After all, a majority of people just want to be heard.

Do be grateful and polite
Always keep in mind that your response, whether to a good or bad business review, is visible to everyone. Maintaining a positive reputation in a competitive marketplace is important, and saying “I understand your concern and am here to help” when a customer is upset will make them feel valued and respected.

Do take it as a learning experience
Consider a bad business review as a blessing in disguise. Think about it: Can you actually improve in the area of their concern? If so, viewing criticism as an opportunity to grow and strengthen your business will allow you to feel better about the situation.


Don’t make excuses

One way to maintain professionalism when dealing with an unhappy customer is to own up to your mistakes rather than trying to play the victim. Instead of consulting in the public eye, you can ask to speak with them offline, and remember that in the end, the customer is always right.

Don’t respond right away
We all know what happens in the heat of the moment—we say things we regret. You can avoid this from happening by clearing your head and thinking about the best way to respond after reading a bad business review. However, you don’t want to wait too long because responding in a timely manner shows that you pay attention to customers’ feedback and care about their experience.

Don’t take it personally
You have spent so much time and effort building what you consider your baby that it hurts when a customer has something negative to say. In this instance, take a deep breath, remove yourself from the equation and only focus on what you can do to make it better.

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