SecondBrick’s New Office is Hip, Historic and Happening Soon

Big Things Do Happen in Small Cities

In the summer of 2015, a new resident will occupy 202 E. Main Street in the city of Rock Hill: SecondBrick Ventures, the creator of HealingRadius and HealingRadiusPro. Established in 2014, SecondBrick is moving from a temporary location at 206 E. Main Street into a newly designed office across from Span Enterprises, a technology-based company managed by the same expert team, co-founders Agie Sundaram and Naga Palanisamy. The historic downtown district has come a long way since its first building was built in the 1870s, now comprised of visual arts, diverse culture and technology growth.

Why open an office in Rock Hill out of all places? Agie wants to demonstrate that big things do happen in small cities, and as the SecondBrick staff grows, the need for a larger space seems essential. During the construction process, necessary precautions are being taken to retain the historic integrity of the space. The three-level office will illustrate the essence of modern design with antique elements that include:

  • Decorative tin ceiling tiles 
  • Preserved windows 
  • Restored exterior brick 
  • All-glass entryway 
  • Steel accessories 

Agie finds it important to combine an old-school vibe with contemporary traits because it reflects his style and the business model he would like to represent. Besides these thought-out features, the middle floor will have an open layout for team collaboration while the bottom floor will have an equipped fitness room and lounge area for after-hours. The staff is really looking forward to the new office—don’t forget to come by and check it out once it’s finished!

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