How to Increase Customer Loyalty


Loyalty is Priceless

Consumers have a wide range of choices when it comes to deciding which products to purchase and which businesses to select for services. So, what brings them back time and time again? It’s called customer loyalty. The most successful businesses consider loyalty as an approach to gain and maintain trustworthy and professional customer relationships. Think about it: When you’re loyal to someone or something, you support them all the time, no matter what. If you refuse to buy vegetables from anywhere else other than your local farmers market, then you’re a loyal customer. The same concept goes for your fitness or wellness center.

First, though, you must achieve customer satisfaction. When customers aren’t satisfied, there’s a good chance they won’t be loyal to you or your business. If you refer back to one of my former blogs, Why Is Feedback Important for Your Business, receiving customer feedback can help guide your decision-making processes and reveal tweaks that can improve your products or services. Thanking them for their feedback in detailed follow-ups will show that you’re interested in using their game-changing suggestions for the long term, thus turning regular customers into satisfied ones.

Now that you’ve acquired some pleased customers, the next step is keeping them around. “How?” you may be asking.

Top Tips and Tricks

Referring to What Is a CRM and What Should It Do, a CRM manages and analyzes important customer information that can strengthen and sustain relationships. When you claim your business with HealingRadiusPro, you’ll be able to implement such a system that allows you to impress your customers. Take a look:

Greeting them on their birthday

Whether in person or through text message or email, sending birthday wishes to your customers will definitely help maintain good relationships with them.

Celebrating a special day with unique promotions

Mother’s and Father’s Day, New Year’s Day, National Running Day, customers’ one-year anniversary—whatever special day it may be, celebrating with unique promotions will make customers feel appreciated and keep them around longer.

Rewarding them for their repeated business

By rewarding customers for staying loyal to your business, you’re giving them a good reason to come back. Such rewards could be discounts, free gifts and exclusive offers.

Connecting through social media

Beyond CRM, you can set up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Plus, even WordPress, to connect and interact with your customers. You’ll be able to keep everyone updated and engaged by posting pictures and videos, asking for opinions and encouraging online fans to “like” or “follow” you. Social media is also a good way to share deals, coupons or contests that will result in greater loyalty and sales.

These loyalty activators will provide consistent quality service on a daily basis. So, befriend your customers, get to know them, care about their opinions and ensure their progress is acknowledged and rewarded.

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