Why Online Booking is Vital to the Health of Your Business

Key Success Factors of Online Booking

Whether you own a wellness studio or fitness center, equipping your business with online booking is a major step toward professional greatness. It builds structure, offers convenience and improves customer service. You’ll be able to make your online community happy through a suite of marketing and communications tools while allowing customers to check availability and book instantly in the comfort of their own home.

What happens when you manually manage an appointment booking system instead? You decrease productivity, increase expenses, receive constant phone calls, frustrate employees, and worse, frustrate customers. Nobody has time for that.

Below are some benefits that you’ll enjoy when you harness the power of online booking:


Since it’s been stated that bookings are usually made during the evening at home, it’s important to have an online booking service that is always available 24/7. You’ll be able to eliminate no-shows, as customers are more likely to show up for appointments that they’ve booked themselves. You can also provide information fields for customers to fill out during the booking process so you don’’t have to waste time asking for more information down the road. For reassurance (and more convenience), you can send automated emails and reminders as a confirmation and to ensure customers will always remember their upcoming appointments.

Customer service

By providing an opportunity to book online, you are making your customers happy for a variety of reasons. They can breeze through your selection of services and pick the ones that most accommodate them in just a few clicks. Customers will love support from the HealingRadiusPro Gurus, easy and secure online payments, and confirmations and reminders.


A quality online booking system replaces the random email and phone bookings, allowing you to keep your customers in one structured system. Referring back to CRM, you can organize new and existing customers while storing and managing an unlimited amount of information. A customer list can be one of your most valued resources in your business, so it’s necessary to have information be both accessible and structured. You can wish them a happy birthday (in person or through email) or celebrate a special day with unique promotions. HealingRadiusPro provides this—with the opportunity to access your CRM from any computer or device.

As you can see, online booking is not only convenient for the customer, but also for you! Use HealingRadiusPro as a business management tool that takes the frustration out of calendaring, the hassle out of scheduling and the delay out of communicating. In today’s technology-driven world, you can also manage your online booking through HealingRadiusPro’s mobile app, which is fully compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices. Get started today!

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