Early Signs Your Members Might Be Leaving

Red Flags

As a studio or gym owner, it’s extremely rewarding to help people along their journey to improved health and well-being. You strive to stand by them through thick or thin, struggles or gains. When you lose a member, on the other hand, it’s disappointing and you begin to wonder what went wrong. “How did I miss the warning signs?” Have no fear—HealingRadiusPro is here to share some insight.

According to a study by a CRM-focused company, the reasons why customers change (or leave) vendors are due to the following: Approximately 74 percent of respondents chose bad customer service as the main reason, 32 percent chose poor quality, 25 percent chose the price and 15 percent chose functionality.

Through my research, bad customer service is, in fact, a top concern for members who decide to leave an establishment. To ensure your own members don’t feel neglected or unworthy of your time and attention, perhaps send a personal message to reconnect or implement a monthly email marketing campaign. With a CRM, you can manage an unlimited amount of dates and personal information, which allows you to celebrate a special day with them using unique promotions.

Below are some other red flags you should look for and the required steps to continue growing and retaining clients:

1. Attendance

A recognizable red flag is when a member gradually stops coming to your studio or gym. This one is a no-brainer. To keep track of everyone’s participation, you can use HRPRO for unlimited tools like member management—an effective and organized database that helps you stay on top of attendance and enrollment numbers. On a more personal level, you can check in with them to determine the reason for their absence.

2. Complaints

If you notice a member constantly unhappy, it’s probably time to check in with them to see if you can resolve any issues they may have. When you think about it, complaints are actually positive because they give you the opportunity to address someone’s concern before they decide to leave. One way to stay ahead of problems is to conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys that will inform you on areas that need improvement and how well your business is performing. Most importantly, you’ll be getting the feedback you need to keep your members happy.

3. Changes

When you notice a member change their payment method (or cancel it), it’s either because they are unhappy with the price, they don’t value your services, or they found another establishment that may offer a lower monthly fee. If this problem arises, you can suggest using a coupon booklet you have designed for your studio or gym, or offer a comped fitness class or some kind of gift—just so they know you value their happiness and would like them to continue using your services.

Referring back to our previous blog, Common Mistakes Fitness Centers and Gyms Make, MarketWatch discussed that in 2012, 29.5 percent of former gym members ditched their fitness center because they weren’t using their membership. Another 52 percent left because it was too expensive and another 31 percent realized they could exercise for free somewhere else. Similarly, 56 percent of potential members have never joined a gym due to the price.

Once you spot these red flags, jump at the chance to save members before it’s too late. Start using HRPRO today to stay ahead of the game by providing the best customer service possible. After all, it is less expensive and time-consuming to keep members than it is to find new ones.

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