How Does Online Payment Processing Affect My Business?


How a Secure Checkout Experience for Your Customers Can Help Your Business

What is fast, reliable, automatic and user-friendly? The answer, in this case, is online payment processing. Since a vast majority of businesses are expanding their services on the Web, the need for an all-in-one business management program seems applicable, right? That way, you can oversee all business needs in one centralized location, including safe and easy customer checkouts. HealingRadiusPro’s online payment processing feature lets you experience the convenience of authorizing and accepting payments from your computer, smartphone or tablet, anywhere at any time.

Does my Business Really Need Online Payment Processing?

Say goodbye to long checkout processes—with the acceptance of all credit cards and the option to authorize an existing PayPal account, your customers can pay for your services how they please, at their convenience. Happy customers are said to be good for business, you know.

Further, HRPRO works to protect and prevent suspicious transactions and fraudulent charges. Your customers will be able to define what they are paying for, and enter credit card information that remains safe and secure at all times.

What Are Some Advantages of Using HRPRO’s Online Payment Processing?

Whether you’re a studio owner, fitness trainer or independent therapist, implementing secure payment options for your customers will accelerate the growth of your business. Getting paid will be a breeze, and more importantly, you’ll be able to save a lot of time with the use of automatic transactions, receipts and reminders. Use your dashboard to track incoming payments, access customers’ information, all while watching your calendar fill up with upcoming appointments.

Will My Customers Benefit from Online Payment Processing, Too?

Of course. By using online payment processing, your customers will enjoy having more cubby space, for example, because they won’t need to bring their wallets to your class. According to a global study conducted in 2013, 86 percent of Americans wish they could leave their wallets at home, and others demonstrated that they would like to be wallet-free at the gym and when exercising. In addition, your customers will get to replace their wallets with smartphones to make instant and effortless payments. No cash, no cards, no problems.

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