How Emotional Intelligence Will Make You a Better Leader


Honing This Powerful Skill Can Make You a Better Leader and Manager

Whether you’re a manager or business owner, you’re a leader. You have developed fundamental skills, created successful strategies and built an effective team. So, what is missing? Studies have shown that effective leaders are noted by their emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill. Emotional intelligence is known for aiding in decision-making and increasing employee satisfaction, retention and performance. Are you ready to master your emotions and maximize your business results? Let’s take a look at what’s involved:

What is emotional intelligence?

Made up of five unique qualities, emotional intelligence builds outstanding leaders and promotes strong business performance.

1. Self-awareness

Being self-aware means you are able to understand and control your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives and needs without being overly critical. You have noticeable self-confidence and can remain honest with yourself and others on how you feel. If you aren’t self-aware, you may, in fact, react to your emotions without filtering them, which can potentially ruin professional relationships and raise doubt among your staff.

2. Self-regulation

Through self-regulation, you have the ability to manage your emotions and responses to various situations and people. You are able to control change and life’s unexpected and overwhelming curveballs by managing how you think and feel. Self-regulation is important for leaders like yourself because it creates a positive work environment of trust and fairness.

3. Motivation

As a leader, it’s important to set clear goals and build a positive attitude for a variety of reasons—for example, to help align your business objectives, prepare yourself for any opportunity, and pursue goals despite obstacles and setbacks. Through motivation, you achieve beyond expectations while remaining eager to explore new approaches.

4. Empathy

Empathy, in short, means having the ability to understand feelings and emotions of other people. The more empathy you have, the more you’ll be able to anticipate, recognize and meet your employees’ needs. You’ll also be able to cultivate opportunities, and discover and build your team’s strengths, ultimately fulfilling your leadership role to the best of your ability.

5. Social skill

Your social skill can help you move your staff in the direction you desire, mostly due to your persuasive abilities, either during a decision-making process or agreeing on a new strategy. Further, you’ll be able to negotiate and resolve disagreements, work with others toward shared goals, and send clear and concise messages. You can also manage teams and find common ground with all types of people.

Why is emotional intelligence important for leadership?

A good question. Emotional intelligence is important for leadership and all-around business success because it allows you to manage professional relationships, influence and inspire others, and collaborate effectively with a team. Even though you may have the best training in the world, an intelligent mind and an unlimited supply of impressive ideas, emotional intelligence can fine-tune your skills to make you that much better at what you do.

How can you start increasing your emotional intelligence?

Collecting data

One way to gradually increase your emotional intelligence is by gathering and keeping track of your emotions. Write them down throughout the day and observe what happens after you experience a certain emotional reaction. What exactly made you “lose it?” What made you happy?

Setting goals

After observing your emotions in a given situation, it’s time to set goals that can change what you do or the way you react in the future. For example, when you feel tense, make time for exercise, invest in an occasional massage or surround yourself with nature. Getting away from a difficult situation for a short period of time can have a profound impact.

Creating a buddy system

To further understand and increase your emotional intelligence, create a buddy system that will help support you as you grow. Whether it’s a co-worker, best friend or sibling, collaborating with a “buddy” during this process will allow you to become a better, motivated version of yourself.

As demonstrated, leadership is not only about experience, education and talent, but rather the ability to lead through a variety of key factors that make up emotional intelligence. HealingRadiusPro supports you on your journey and anticipates great results for your business success!

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