Health and Fitness Consumer Trends: Part Two


Why Your Business Should be Paying Attention to Group Fitness

For the second half of our Health and Fitness Consumer Trends post, we will tackle group fitness activities and the reasons why people participate. It’s our mission to help you succeed in your wellness career, which is why we’re breaking down the numbers that will ensure the best service for your customers. With our findings, we are confident that well-executed group fitness activities can drive attendance, retention, referrals and membership growth. Ready to get started?

Who is participating in group fitness?

According to a 2014 Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey conducted by Nielsen, 36 percent of regular exercisers currently participate in fitness class activities, whereas 52 percent would like to. The millennials (age 18 to 34) are more likely to participate in fitness class activities over the baby boomers (age 50 to 60). Additionally, female millennials are more likely to participate in fitness class activities over males.

Why are they participating in group fitness?

The primary reasons why gym members attend group fitness activities are due to the energy of a big group (30 percent), the exercise style, structure and method (27 percent), the convenient schedule times (26 percent) and the instructor (26 percent). When it comes to attendance, 45 percent of gym members who participate in group fitness activities visit their gyms five times more per week in comparison to only 34 percent of regular gym members.

On the other hand, those who do not participate in group fitness activities have a strong dislike for crowded places, working out with other people, or they don’t agree with the price of the classes (if it’s added to their general membership).

How can you apply this information to increase the appeal and success of your group fitness classes?

You can improve overall group participation by offering programs that are relevant to women and millennials, recruiting and training quality instructors, and building larger studios (the energy of a big group within a spacious area will attract new customers). Further, when you promote the different features of your classes, you can focus on your great music selection and discuss the motivational environment in which you and your well-educated coaches work in.

We hope you have gained more insight into your business path and the goals you would like to achieve when it comes to group participation. For assistance toward professional greatness, use HRPRO for unlimited tools that will help manage and maintain your customers, allowing you to understand their motive and how you can better serve them.

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