Welcoming New Students into Your Studio or Practice

Putting Together a Quality Welcome Plan…

When you work hard to run a prosperous studio or business, it’s certainly rewarding to welcome more and more students as it continues to grow, but what exactly should you prepare for in hopes they return after their first class? Putting together a quality welcome plan will help achieve a memorable introductory experience for students, while making them feel at home with your studio, instructors and fellow students.

A welcome plan will help you make a good impression that is critical for growth and retention, keeping your business in students’ minds when they want to take a fitness class or get a massage. This process doesn’t have to be stressful or take a great deal of time. It can be as simple as four steps, and once you have it set up, HealingRadiusPro will further help you proceed through specialized tools like automated email marketing and promotions.

Let’s go into further detail, shall we?

Send a Welcome Letter

Writing and sending a welcome letter to students can be beneficial in several ways, for example, it’s a chance to present your guidelines and studio policies. You can list recommended classes for newcomers and beginners, mention whether or not you provide yoga mats or other necessary equipment, and offer a FAQ section that answers such questions like how to get started, what techniques your instructors teach, etc.

Another idea I suggest is incorporating a small but thoughtful gift with the letter, such as a bottle of water or workout prop. This will certainly leave a good first impression and have an impact on their first exercise within your studio.

Host a Social Event

Another way to welcome new students to your studio is through a social event. This will be a great and useful way to share valuable information, make a lasting impact and draw more people to your craft. You can even bring in a speaker of your choice, perhaps a health and wellness specialist in your local community.

Social media is a great tool to promote your event, whether you choose Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or the many other available platforms.

Offer an Introductory Deal

By presenting an introductory deal to new students, you’re offering an opportunity for them to test different teachers and unlimited classes for a certain amount of time. This approach allows them to get acquainted with fellow students and your studio’s structure.

For example, introductory deals vary between one week of free classes, 10 days for $10, two unlimited weeks for $25, and so on. Whichever you choose, your new students will surely get a feel of your studio and all that you offer!

Send a Thank-You Note

After a student’s first class, you can send an email or handwritten thank-you note to show how much you appreciated their time. A thank-you note is a common courtesy to your students, a way to differentiate your business from others, and validation that you would like them to return.

Additionally, you can mention a particular quality about the student as a way to demonstrate the relationship you established with them during their first visit. This should also leave a lasting impression.

Now that you have an idea of how to construct a solid welcome plan, you may be wondering what the next step is. This is where we come in. HealingRadiusPro offers beneficial email marketing and calendar management tools that will help you send class reminders, social event invitations, welcome letters and thank-you notes, ultimately preparing you before and after a student’s first class.

The welcome plan will not only provide a memorable experience for new students, but also encourage them to stay, as it boosts retention and creates loyalty. After all, it costs less to retain a student than to find a new one.

The Gurus of HR Pro wish you the best of luck with your new students!

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