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Managing Complex Calendars with HR Pro

We understand that managing a wellness business isn’t easy—you have classes and appointments to plan, staff conflicts to solve, all the while keeping your business ahead of the competition. One task deemed to be time-consuming is creating and maintaining an effective work schedule, but it doesn’t have to be. Enter HealingRadiusPro: your one-stop shop for appointment booking, and scheduling and calendar management. Below are five easy ways that this tool can help keep your business calendars organized:

1. Staff Scheduling

Juggling staff schedules can be complicated, especially when you have a business to run. You might feel stuck rotating available shifts, working around personal schedules, or dealing with issues that cause last-minute changes, such as sickness and family emergencies. With HR Pro, your employees will be able to access their schedules, view their work hours, list their availability and submit time-off requests. Phew!

2. Class and Appointment Scheduling

If you own a yoga studio, you probably have multiple classes each day; if you own a massage center, it’s likely you have multiple rooms and patients to oversee at once. The good news: HealingRadius Pro allows you to create a color-coded calendar for appointment scheduling—whether booked, confirmed, arrived, no-show, or completed. By using the calendar management feature, you and your staff can prevent double-booking, view upcoming appointments and effectively achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. You can also create a monthly class schedule accessible through your website for customers to book appointments.

3. Track Payroll

Implementing a system that tracks when employees check in and out will simply help calculate time and eliminate most payment-related problems. To further simplify your billing tasks, HealingRadiusPro allows customers to register for classes and make payments from their mobile device or tablet.

4. Send Email Reminders

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, your customers may forget about the massage or chiropractic appointment they booked weeks ago. HR Pro keeps everyone updated through automated email reminder tools, thus keeping your business in their mind and ultimately creating a connection that fosters customer loyalty. They’ll be able to stay informed on upcoming appointments or classes, new openings, special events or workshops. Everyone will be on track!

5. Run Reports

Now that your calendar is organized, your staff knows their schedule and customers have confirmed their appointments, it’s only right to analyze your results and measure your success. By running reports, you’ll be able to track income and expenses, identify which customers visited your studio the most, which classes had the most attendance and how many hours your employees worked.

Whether you’re an independent therapist or a boutique studio, this all-in-one tool is for you, your staff, and your well-being. Keep moving forward with HealingRadiusPro.

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