Positioning Your Business for Success in 2015

Four Things Every Business Owner Should do at the Beginning of Each Year 

     Consider businessman Charles Kettering’s quote for an anticipated year of happiness and professional growth: “Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.” Year 2015 can be better than the last, all you need to do is prepare yourself and your business for success.

     There are several ways to do so, for example, setting quarterly goals, developing an effective strategy and establishing relationships with your customers. Following careful planning and implementation, you should be able to differentiate your business from competitors in your market.

Set Quarterly Goals for the Year

     Making a list of short and long-term goals will place your business in the right direction for success. Since short-term goals have a more narrow timeline, keeping a checklist will allow you to effectively tackle one at a time. The smaller objectives can be treated as a stepping stone toward the long-term objectives. Every quarter, revisit the list to review your business’s goals, performance and current priorities, and adjust your plan moving forward with that information. This will help you to stay on the same path as you initially planned.

Conduct Employee Reviews

     Now that you have a more clear vision of where you want your business to go, it’s important to get your employees looking in the same direction. Conducting employee reviews will contribute to the overall success of your business because they will know what you expect from them and how you want the job done. They’ll also be acknowledged for their behavior and efforts, which will energize and motivate them to stay efficient in their role. Since employees are often the determining factor between successful businesses and ones that rarely reach their potential, shouldn’t they be inspired by their strengths, values and future potential?

Write a Marketing Plan

     When you compose a marketing plan, think of it as a to-do list or step-by-step guide for your business’s success. An effective plan should determine specific tasks for the year, help boost your customer base, and develop products and services that meet the needs of your target audience. To do so, you must be able to identify what makes you different from competitors, including your strengths and weaknesses. You can refer to it monthly as it will allow you to track performance as you go. Share with your staff to create some excitement for the adventures to come.

Develop a Survey for Your Members

     An effective way to learn what members think of your business is to develop and offer a successful survey. You can get the most accurate answers through yes-no questions because they are easier to evaluate and complete. For in-depth answers, allow an opportunity at the end of the survey for members to elaborate on their thoughts. You can encourage members to take your survey by suggesting a free yoga class or prize of your choice.

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