Monthly Archive:: October 2015

The Best Ways to Boost Your Business

  We’ve Got 99 Problems but Management Ain’t One   Don’t judge the rap lyrics, but it’s true—we don’t worry about management over here because it’s our specialty, and the main reason we exist. Whether you’ve run a wellness center or studio for thirty days or two years, progressing to a management role can be […]
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Staff Management for Wellness Centers

  Hello, wellness center owners. You and your staff members are devoted, hard workers, with lengthy lists of responsibilities to tackle and expectations to exceed. That’s why the team at HealingRadiusPro has created such a feature that allows you to handle those tasks and stay as organized as possible without ever growing an extra gray […]
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Class Scheduling for Yoga Centers

  Hello, yoga studio owners! This one’s for you. One way to grow and maintain an effective yoga studio is to offer a variety of classes for your students, whether to support their personal goals, help build strength and flexibility, promote relaxation, or provide assistance for injury rehabilitation. And if you do offer a variety […]
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